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  • CANTINA RIPA TEATINA was founded in 1970 as a cooperative association bringing together wine growers. Today we have around 400 members with some 700 hectares of vineyards, between Ripa Teatina,...
    Beszállító: wine sales | sale of wines for bottling | direct wine sales | production of wines | Borok - Olaszország
  • Production and sales of Friulano wines by the bottle and in bulk.
    Beszállító: friulano wine | Borok - Frioul Vénétie Julienne | Borok - Olaszország | sauvignon | chardonnay
  • Beszállító: sale of wines in vats | Alkohol és szeszesitalok | Borok - Délnyugat-Franciaország | Borok - Franciaország
  • Beszállító: Wines | sale of wines in vats
  • Látja ezt? Potenciális vevői szintén És mégsem találják meg Önöket, pedig Önök a legjobbak ezen a szakterületen! Nyerjen láthatóságot az EUROPAGES segítségével
  • Beszállító: sale of wines in vats | Alkohol és szeszesitalok | drinks
  • ...and exceptional champagnes, located in the 4th arrondissement in Paris. Our mission: select and showcase treasures of Italian wine-making to create a selection of quality wines that are delicious and fun.
    Beszállító: Wines | Pezsgők és habzóborok | Borok - Bordó | classic rosé champagne | premier cru champagne
  • ...trends that make up the sector, representing sales equivalent to 70% of Italian wine exports. We defend their interests in the political arena, guarantee development of the wine-making sector in Italy in...
    Beszállító: Áru- és anyagvizsgálat | chemical analyses | studies and control laboratories, testing and analysis | iso 9000 certifications | environmental advice
  • EUROCORK specialises in the production and sale of cork stoppers for wines, beers, ciders and sparkling wines.
    Beszállító: Parafa dugók | beer bottle cork | synthetic wine bottle cork | champagne cork | synthetic beer bottle cork
  • wine-making around the world are testament to the history of a company in tune with its markets, always at-hand when the client needs help, known for its effective interventions and after-sales support.
    Beszállító: Árazó- és címkézőgépek | systems and equipment for the drinks industry | capping machines for packaging | systems and equipment for the wine industry | encapsulation machines
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