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dust filters
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  • The Hamburg-based company was founded in 1845 by A. Riensch as a company with a wide distribution of trade between Latin America and Germany. In 1971, the company entered the household filter market....
    Beszállító: dust filters | Folyadékszűrők | coffee filter papers | electric coffee grinders | tea cups
  • Rokon Filterbau GmbH has been based in Brackwede in Bielefeld (Germany) since it was founded in 1990. From our initial role as a supplier of pipe and duct systems, we have been able to expand our...
    Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment | dust filters | dust extraction systems | extraction systems for industrial dusts | dust extraction systems
  • ...are specially developed for all means of collection and filtering of: Gaseous pollutants, dust, smoke, oil and emulsion mist, fumes, odours etc. All components within extraction and filter systems are compatible.
    Beszállító: dust filters | dust filters for industry | dust catcher | dust analysis | dust filtration systems
  • We are a medium-sized, certified, owner-managed company with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing premium-quality industrial extraction and filtration systems. Extraction and filtration...
    Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment | dust filters | saw dust filters | air filters for dust extraction | dust extraction systems
  • Látja ezt? Potenciális vevői szintén És mégsem találják meg Önöket, pedig Önök a legjobbak ezen a szakterületen! Nyerjen láthatóságot az EUROPAGES segítségével
  • JURA FILTRATION is the European filter specialist and a world leader in filter design and manufacture, with over 28, 000 references available from stock: air filters, oil filters, fuel filters,...
    Beszállító: dust filters | ventilation filters and air filters | Szűrés - berendezések és tartozékok | Olajszűrők | liquid filters
  • Beszállító: dust filters | Folyadékszűrők | coffee filters | water filters | activated carbon filter
  • Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment | dust filters | industrial dust exhausters | dust extraction systems | dust extraction
  • Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment | dust filters | cartridge filters | sleeve filters | air filters
  • Beszállító: dust filters | filters and filter elements | Szűrés - berendezések és tartozékok | air odour purifying systems | activated carbons filters
  • Beszállító: dust filters | Folyadékszűrők | air filters | liquid filters
    Budrio (Bo) - OLASZORSZÁG
    Beszállító: dust filters | Égésfüst-elszívó berendezések | Légtisztítás - felszerelések és berendezések | air intake systems | industrial exhausters
    Milano - OLASZORSZÁG
    Beszállító: dust filters | Gázszűrők | dry air filters | painting booths for vehicle bodywork
    West Midlands - EGYESÜLT KIRÁLYSÁG
    Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment | dust filters | industrial filters
    Beszállító: dust filters | Környezetvédelmi berendezések és tartozékok | odour prevention systems
  • □ Air Filters including the entire range of coarse filter types G1, G2, G3, G4 as well as fine dust filters M4, M6, F7, F8, F9 according to EN779 classification
    Beszállító: Geotextília | unwoven fabric insulating materials (geotextiles) | geotextiles for rubbish dumps | cotton wadding | non-woven geotextiles
  • ...gas filters. Our range includes class 1 and 2 vapour and gas absorbers (“Filters”), half masks and full face masks, filters separating oil from breathing air, and anti-dust mask and filters.
    Beszállító: Hidraulikus szivattyúk | gas masks | hand pumps | vapour filters | cardox
  • TREMA VERFAHRENSTECHNIK GMBH is headquartered in Kemnath, Germany. Our systems and devices, however, are at home in nearly all industrial sectors worldwide. We have successfully commissioned...
    Beszállító: hydrostatic dust precipitators | dust collecting systems | dust extraction systems | sleeve filters | dust separators
  • We manufacture filters in aluminium and stainless steel, and produce finished components in extruded aluminium profiles and stainless steel based on drawings. Other services we offer include laser...
    Beszállító: coarse dust filters | filters and filter elements | Alumíniumszerkezetek | stretched metal | expanded metal filters
  • Manufacture and sales of vacuum conveyor systems for industrial applications, system solutions and special filter technology. Complete with pneumatic components and control systems. Other products...
    Beszállító: coarse dust filters | filters | Sűrített levegő - berendezések és eszközök | Automata vezérlőrendszerek | Pneumatikus kötések
  • Beszállító: Mérő- és ellenőrző eszközök
  • Beszállító: dust filter recharges | Légkondicionálás (klimatizálás), szellőztetés - felszerelések
    Vallefoglia - OLASZORSZÁG
    Beszállító: filter-bed dust collectors | dry dust separation devices | Égésfüst-elszívó berendezések
  • We implement not only turnkey projects, we also sell products (bag filters, cyclo-filters, cyclones, multi-cyclones, dust collectors, fans, piping installations, structures, spare parts and others).
    Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment | industrial dust exhausters | mechanical dust collectors | dust collection and transport systems | Acél- és fémszerkezetek
  • ...filtering systems (steel works, foundries, pressure moulding, stamping, heat treatments, etc.). Dust removal systems (cement works, brickyards, paper factories, mechanical machining workshops, etc).
    Beszállító: dust extraction systems | dust removal system | Égésfüst-elszívó berendezések | Szellőzők, ipari - | sleeve filters
  • We can highly recommend our extraction systems with HEPA filters for the extraction of carcinogenic fine dust.
    Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment | dust extraction systems | mobile dust extraction systems | stationary dust extraction systems | diamond drill bits
  • Our main fields of application are dust removal, supply and exhaust air filtration, air-conditioning systems, flue gas separation, demisters, oil and emulsion mist collectors and grease filters, as well as baffle plates...
    Beszállító: filters | Vasforgács | Drótrostélyok, -rácsok | filtering cartridges | drop separators
  • SO.TEC is an engineering company which, for over 20 years, has been involved in the design, supply and production of air purification installations for smoke/oil mists and dust present in the air.
    Beszállító: dust extraction systems | Légtisztítás - felszerelések és berendezések | Égésfüst-elszívó berendezések | coalescence filters | air filters
  • Our History Fitex is a Greek manufacturing company in the chemical cleaning business. The aim of the company is consolidating as a dynamic and reliable partner in the Greek market. Achieving this is...
    Beszállító: Tisztítószerek, ipari és kisipari | mosaic cleaning | mould cleaning | cleaning products | tiles cleaner
  • Beszállító: Légszűrés - berendezések | Légtisztítás - felszerelések és berendezések
    Beszállító: Dust extraction installations and equipment
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