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  • In the past, production focused on manganese steel, and this has been extended to include new types of special steels and other particularly high-performance alloys, obtained from the right...
    Beszállító: Nemes és különleges acél | Acél | Törők és őrlők - gépek és berendezések | Simító hengerek | steel mills
  • We founded the trading company Meba Steel & Industrial Supplies Trade GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, more than 15 years ago, in 2002. Our brand is now a recognised and trusted name both at home and...
    Beszállító: Nemes és különleges acél | Acél | Acélok és fémek | Acéllemez és szalagacél | steel fittings
  • Four reasons to choose BASEDO STEEL. 1) Expertise: We are familiar with the specific situation faced by steel processing companies. No matter how high your requirements, or how different your...
    Beszállító: Épületszerkezeti acél | Acél | Szerszámacél | Cirkónium | Bronz
  • Since it was founded back in 1984 in Munich, C+R HYDRAULICS GmbH has succeeded in firmly establishing itself on the German and European markets as an advanced hydraulics specialist that stocks a...
    Beszállító: Acél | Acélcsövek | pipe | stems for custom cylinders | steel pipes
  • Látja ezt? Potenciális vevői szintén És mégsem találják meg Önöket, pedig Önök a legjobbak ezen a szakterületen! Nyerjen láthatóságot az EUROPAGES segítségével
  • As one of Germany's leading material dealers, Klöckner & Co Deutschland GmbH supplies a wide range of steel and metal products nationwide, as well as offering fast delivery and tailored services. We...
    Beszállító: Acél | metals | sheet metal | pipe | profiles
  • Custom wear-protection solutions for steel and ceramics in the field of conveyor technology for extending tool life, saving energy and reducing repair time and downtime.
    Beszállító: Acél | Ívcsövek - nemvasfémek | Nyersanyagok, kerámiaipari | tubing elbows | elbow pipes
  • Our medium-sized family business, DGS, has been successfully manufacturing a wide range of knitted wire mesh for many years: To us, quality is tradition! DGS customers include companies from all...
    Beszállító: Acél | grease separators | filters and filter elements | sleeve filters | liquid separators for refrigeration plants and equipment
  • Homberg has become one of the leading specialists for manhole covers thanks to its professional expertise and qualified consulting. At the heart of its success lies the personal exchange between...
    Beszállító: Acél | accessories for welding | waterproofing industrial roofs | aluminium components | cap
  • We are a medium-sized company specialising in the production and wholesale of bright steel. We supply flawless bright steel that is subject to our continuous in-house quality checks. Quality is more...
    Beszállító: Épületszerkezeti acél | Acél | Szerszámacél | free-cutting steels | bright steel
  • RIKU is a company with 30 years of experience in ball machining. Cooperation between user and manufacturer is an important requirement for solving new challenges by using high-tech products. That is...
    Beszállító: Acél | Precíziós golyók | special bearings | steel balls | ceramic spheres
  • Among other things, our company is one of Europe’s largest mill-independent stockholders for precision ground flat stock material and pre-machined tool steels. We have been distributing these...
    Beszállító: Acél- és fémszerkezetek | Acél | Vaskohászati termékek kereskedelme | Szerszámacél | cold work steels
  • Although rh stahl gmbh joined the market very recently, it already has quite a history which began in 2006. This was the year in which we established "Stahlkreationen GmbH", which we rebranded as rh...
    Beszállító: Acél | slit strip | stainless steel sheets | rod steel | bright steel
  • Metalworking and processing industry. Stainless steel trade, punching tools, systems engineering for plastic plants, mechanical engineering, rubber industry, standard components, erosion operations,...
    Beszállító: Acél | Szerszámacél | rod steel | hot work steels | cold work steels
  • MULLER ACIERS - LES FERS DE L'EST has specialized in steel imports and exports since 1954, and is recognised as a quality steel trader. We enjoy the excellent relations with the best European steel...
    Beszállító: Acél | Acélcsövek | Tartók - vasfémek | Profilok és rudak - vasfémek | sheet plate trade
  • Special steels, rolled, drawn, peeled, ground, chromium plated, free cutting and stainless steel. Retail sales, suppliers: ABS, ACENTA, TATA STEEL. Give us your specifications by telephone or fax.
    Beszállító: Nemes és különleges acél | Épületszerkezeti acél | Acél | forged steels | drawn steels
  • Contacts: HANOI MECHANICAL COMPANY LIMITED (HAMECO) – your most predominant mechanical engineering partner in Vietnam. With over sixty years operating, We have gained a...
    Beszállító: Acél | Szerszámgépek fémmegmunkáláshoz | Megújuló energiák | Csúszógyűrűs tömítés | engineering cast iron
  • Welcome to NextSense GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us!
    Beszállító: Acél | Mérőkészülékek és eszközök | Felületellenőrzés | metrology | laser
  • Distributor and producer of metallurgical products: stainless and special steels, alloy steels (nickel and titanium). First and second grade products: stainless steel tapes (including fastening...
    Beszállító: Rozsdamentes acél | Acél | coil cutting | titanium and alloys | stainless steel strip
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