ACT Aerosol Chemie Technik GmbH focuses on the production and bottling of chemical technical products in the automotive sector. From products such as the classic brake cleaner and vehicle care products, through to highly complex fuel and oil additives, our product range covers all requirements from the automotive and accessories industry. We produce many of our products ourselves using formulas that are tested and developed in-house. In addition to producing and bottling our own formulas, we also offer our customers the opportunity to mix active ingredients on the basis of their own specifications or bottle liquids supplied by the customer. However, we are not represented on the market with our own trademark; instead, we operate solely in the sector of contract bottling and contract manufacturing with a private label. This means that the products bear our customers' label, our name is not visible and nor can it be established that we were involved in production.


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Járművek - tartozékok és belső felszerelések /  Járművek - szerviz /  Car care products /  Engine oils for combustion engines /  Oil additives for the automotive industry /  Private label chemical products /  Cleaning agents for engines /  Contract operations for chemical-technical liquids /  Contract filling of chemicals /  car cleaning product /  car polishing /  fuel additives against emissions /  fuel additives for fuel economy /  motor oils /  filling detergent products /  detergents for motor vehicles /  motor vehicle engine cleaning chemicals /  additives for oil fuel / 

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